Maptech Consulting, Chennai - Complete IT services

  1. Web services
  2. Network Security Services
  3. Software services for Micro, Small, Medium Businesses
  4. E-Commerce
  5. Mobile App
  6. Internet Marketing
  7. Google ads and Social Media
  8. Consulting 
  9. IT Security Audit
  10. CTO-as-service to Micro Small Businesses
CTO-as-a-Service to Micro Small Businesses

  • Aligning IT Services to the needs of your Business - Tally Customize,  Open Source Software Development , MS Access Programming
  • Reduce  IT Costs : Cloud Hosting and Mobile App Development
  • Enable your Business Online : Paid Digital Advertising Services, Enabling ecommerce on websites 
  • SMB IT Security Audit:  We conduct an Audit of your Hardware/ Software Assets , recommend which needs the most attention
  • Recommend Cost effective , secured IT Infrastructure for SMB : 
  •     What applications and databases are in use? 
  •     Who uses them? Can they be retired? This will save money on licensing and server use.
  • Business Continuity Solution:  Have you practised responding to network/ server failures? How can you strengthen your Partnerships with your IT vendors? Any Backup policies in place?

IT Infra Services and Support offered and Benefits

1. Receptionist in Air (RIA) - IVRS On Cloud
2. Website Protection Services (Anti virus and firewall)
3. Android app design and development
4. Windows Server implementation
5. Linux authentication, Storage and Backup for windows users
6. TALLY Programming
7. Bio metric SMART attendance system
8. Website design Services (CMS)

Online Marketing Services

  1. Email Markeing using Gmass, SENDY
  2. SMS Marketing - Transaction, OTP and Promotions
  3. Whatsapp Marketing