Saturday, January 19, 2019

Windows Active Directory Services using Linux for SME

  • Would you like to have secured network in your office ?
  • Would you like to have storage solution for your network?
  • Are you afraid to invest on Windows Server licenses?
No Worry!
Maptech offers all these Services using Linux Server installed in a desktop but users will be on windows Desktop only.All you need is :
a) A core i3 Desktop with two 2 TB Hard disks without Monitor and a keyboard
b) Maptech will install Linux in the Desktop and use 2 Hard disks for Access and BAckup storage
c) All users from their windows desktop will log into Linux server with a password and a secured folder will be created for every user in the Linux server.
d) The user desktop will have applications only like Windows OS, MS office , Tally etc., Data will be accessed in he centralized Linus server.
e) A ppolicy can be set up how the backup can be taken on the second hard disk - Incremental backup or Differential backup

Open ADS - Salient Features:

Centralized data store

  • All data  present in a single, distributed data store, allowing users easy access to the information from any local area
  • A single distributed data store requires less administration and duplication and improves the availability and organization of data.
  • Authentication and Storage will be implemented in one hard disk and Backup will be in other hard disk all in same Desktop
Charges :

One Time cost only!! No recurring cost  !!


Commercial for Assembled Desktop:
Assembled PC - core i3 - 8GB RAM with 4TB Seagate Harddisk - 2 nos and RAM with 1 Year warranty
Mother Board  - 3 Years Replaceable / repairable  warranty
with SMPS -- (without Monitor/Keyboard)
Option 2: 2 Tb Hard disks in lieu of 4TB 


      Rs 42,500 + GST


Rs 34,500 + GST
Open ADS Implementation
Commercials up to 25 users for above  IT solutions .

CONTACT Sridhar + 91 94440 25282
Rs 30,000 + GST