Monday, December 24, 2018

Google my Business


It's easy to get listed on Google
Google My Business helps your SEO
Help your customers to find your business
Using Google My Business, you can list the exact address and location of your business on a map

This ensures that your potential customers no longer need to rely on a paper map or scribbled instructions to find you. 
Insted they can reach you through the precise directionsBetter Search Visibility on GoogleWhen you search on Google, you may have noticed a high visibility panel near the top of the page. These are populated with Google My Business listings
A complete and optimized listing can help your business land in this section so visitors can easily click to your website or call you
Displays useful information 
Google My Business gives you a place to make important business updates that can be immediately seen by your customers, such as Hours of 0peration , Directions , Photos Description of your business , Powerful communication channel
You can show your special offers and promotions Gain customer insights 
The "Insights" tab in Google My Business offers you access to a wealth of analytics
Easily manage reviews Customer reviews are extremely important. A Google My Business listing is the perfect place to get reviews. 
You can also use your dashboard to monitor and respond to reviews

Google my Business from Premier Google Partner - www.O3MDM.COM
  1. Duplicate business name Check
    1. Some listings on Google My Business don’t become visible because they have common names. So, before we publish your listing, we will check whether your business shares a brand name with other organisations. If there is an overlap with other business names, then we will take appropriate steps for business listing creation.
  2. Inclusion of important keywords and search phrases to your business
    1. Just like traditional website SEO, Google uses a variety of signals to serve search results, and including important keywords and search phrases to your business listing will be incredibly helpful, especially since your business website is listed directly within your GMB listing.
  3. Keep Business Operating Hours Accurate
    1. A common mistake is claiming that you are open 24/7. Your website may have a chat operator or you may provide an overnight customer support. But it doesn’t mean that you are open 24/7. On GMB only counts your open hours as the time when you or a customer are able to pay you a visit. Providing the wrong hours violates Google’s guidelines and hampers your online visibility.
  4. Weekly posts for the first month
    1. Google Posts are “mini-ads” that show up in Google search in your Google My Business listing (in the Knowledge Panel and on Google Maps.) We will help you to create meaningful and attractive posts
    2. Post ideas
      1. If you have a sale going on during a specific time? Create a “sale” event Post.
      2. If you’re having an event you can set up an event Post with a date and time and then add a link to the registration page.
      3. New product you want to feature? Show a picture of this cool gadget and link to where people can make the purchase.
  5. Add relevant photos with a purpose
    1. Logo - Google recommends businesses use their logo to help customers identify your business with a square-sized image.
    2. Cover Photo - Cover photos should really showcase a brand page’s personality
    3. Exterior - Benefits new and existing customers
    4. Interior - Sets expectations with potential and existing customers
    5. Additional Photos - Other, different kinds of photos are used to spotlight features of your business that customers consider when making purchasing decisions. 
  6. Support
    1. We are Google Premier Partner with dedicated support team at Google. This will help you to get faster approval for your listing, troubleshooting, etc
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